Howto search coins

Example how coins search can be used.
In case of search 'Russian Empire Nicholas II 1 ruble' it can be done in following way:
'ruble' is typed in search field - a lot of rubles are displayed.
then filter attributes are used to narrow the search result:

"Russian Emprire" is filtered.

"Nikolay II" is filtered.

"1" is filtered.

Few Nicholas II Rubles are displayed:

2021-01-27 - Live Coin Catalog's improvements / coins grouping

156 coins were grouped from 2021-01-20 to 2021-01-27
One of them is:

    1 Thaler Kingdom of Hanover (1814 - 1866 ...
group has    116 coins / 116 prices

GERMANY-HANNOVER 1862A 1 Thaler Silver XF
2021-01-25 - Historical Coin Prices
250 Piastre Turkey (1923 - ) Gold Mustafa Kemal At ...
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