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Nice North Borneo Coins (19coins)   spa1   The Borneo island is divided among three countries: Malaysia and ...

France - 16th century (12coins)   spa1   What had France in 16th century? Pretty much the same what anothe ...
10 Mark Grand Duchy of Baden (1806-1918) Gold Frederick I, Grand Duke of Baden (1826 - 1907)
2019-05-19  dpa1
10 Mark Grand Duchy of Baden (1806- ...
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1/4 Dollar USA (1776 - ) Silver George Washington
2018-11-25  dpa1
1/4 Dollar USA (1776 - ) Silver Geo ...
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Lira (Pound) is the name of the monetary unit of a number of countries, as well as the former currency of Italy, Malta, San Marino and the Vatican City (replaced in 2002 with the euro). The term originates from the value of a Troy pound (Latin libra) of high purity silver, and as such is a dire ...
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CoinWorldTV 1790, Great Britain, Scotland, Lothian, Edinburgh. Copper ½ Penny Token. D&H ...
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    50 Ore Sweden Silver Oscar II of Sweden ...
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