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1757, Royal France, Louis XV. Large Silver Ecu Dollar Coin. Paris mint! Mint year: 1757 Denomination: Ecu Mint Place: Paris (A) References: Davenport 1331, Douplessy 1680, KM-512.1. Weight: 29.02gm Diameter: 42mm Material: Silver Obverse: Head of Louis XV left, with bound long hair. Privy mark (heron) below. Legend: LUD . XV . D . G . FR . ET . NAV . REX . Reverse: Crowned oval arms ...
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Info: http://www.noble.com.au/auctions/lot/?id=268500 Estimate $750 S ...
FRANCE, Louis XII, ecu d'or 1629, Paris Mint (F.146; KM.41.1). Nearly very fine.

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France - Anglo-Gallic. 1 Salut d' Or, ND. Fr-301; Elias-270c. Henry VI, 1422-1453. Rouen mint. Mint mark, leopard. Two shields side by side, bearing the arms of France on the left and England on ...

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France. Ecu d'or au soleil, ND. Fr-323. Louis XII, 1498-1515. Crowned arms of France, small sun above. Reverse: Floriated cross. Very Fine. Estimated Value $400 - 500 Categories: World Gold
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PUERTO RICO 1895PGV 20 Centavos Silver F-VF
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CANADA 1911 1 Cent UNC
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