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Info: 2016-02-10
CoinWorldTV 1902, Kingdom of Cambodia, Norodom I. Scarce Silver Medallic 4 Francs Coin. XF+ Mint Year: 1902 Medallist: Charles Wurden References: Lecomte 123, Bruse-. Condition: A s ...

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Info: 2018-11-14
CoinWorldTV 1815, France (The 100 Days!), Napoleon I. Rare Silver 5 Francs Coin. Cleaned XF! Struck during his brief rule after escaping from Elba. Mint Year: 1815 Mint Place: Paris (A) D ...

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The Prospero Collection of Ancient Greek Coins. MYSIA. Kyzikos (c.450-400 B.C.), Electrum Stater, 16.05g. Herakles and his younger brother, Iphicles, both naked, being attacked by serpents, Herak ...
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40 Lira Kingdom of Italy (Napoleonic) (1805–1814) ...
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