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1 Sol
Issue year(s):
1866 - 1926


1891, Peru (Republic). Large Silver Sol Crown Coin. Mint Year: 1891 Mint Place: Lima Denomination: Sol Reference: KM-196.24. Material: Silver (.900) Diameter: 37.8mm Weight: 24.7gm Obverse: Togate personification of the Republic seated beneath wreath ona column, holding stick topped by liberty cap, and leaning on shield. Comment: Inscribed band ("LIBER-TAD") around co ...
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Info: 2016-02-28
GUATEMALA 1894 1/2 Real C/S on Chile 1877 1 Sol Silver Crown XF-AU

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Guatemala, Republik seit 1839 1/2 Real 1894. Gegenstempel auf Peru Sol 1894. K.M. 224. Schöne Patina. Kl. Randfehler, vorzüglich

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Info: 2016-03-27
GUATEMALA 1894 1/2 Real C/S on Peru 1888 1 Sol Silver Crown XF
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