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Description: FRENCH PROTECTORATE Reign of Muhammed al-Amin Bey (1362-1376ah / 1943-1957ce) Three historically important coins from the Kingdom of Tunisia 10 francs 1956ce/1376ah AR 10.03g Gad 103, KM M6 1,703 Fdc In the final year of French Rule, 1956ce, the three coins listed below were issued with very limited mintages. During the last year of his reign, Muhammed al-Amin Bey (1943-1957ce / 1362-1376ah) came to be known as King so that he could rule over – as is written in the legend – the Kingdom of Tunisia. Interestingly enough, the name "Kingdom" is also found on several coins minted after 1950ce, e.g. Lots # 308, 309, 311, 318, and 327u-aa. When Habib Bourghiba came to power in 1957ce, he abolished the kingdom, and was elected to the office of Président de la République Tunisienne.
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This coin has been sold for   $301.0

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