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1506, Netherlands, Holland, Philip "the Fair". Gold Florin (Gulden) Coin. 3.23gm!

Mint Period: 1492-1506
Region: Holland (Netherlands)
Ruler: Charles V (Charles I of Spain)
Mint Place: Anwerp (privy mark: Hand)
Denomination: Florin d'or (Goldgulden)
Reference: Friedberg 133, Delmonte 756. R!
Condition: Three planchet splits, otherwise a nice XF-AU!
Diameter: 25mm
Weight: 3.23gm
Material: Gold!

Obverse: Nimbate and togate figure of Saint Philip, holding long cross in right hand behind crowned coat-of-arms.
Legend: S x PhS x INTERCE .x PRO x NOBIS . D

Reverse: Floriated cross with rosette (mint mark) in the middle. Two pairs of crown and lis symbols in fields.
Legend: PhS x D x GRA x AChI x AVST x DVX x Z x C x B x

Philip I of Castile (22 July 1478 – 25 September 1506) called the Handsome or the Fair, was the first member of the house of Habsburg to be King of Castile. The son of Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I, at the age of three Philip inherited the greater part of the Duchy of Burgundy and the Burgundian Netherlands (as Philip IV) from his mother, Mary, and at 27 briefly succeeded to the Crown of Castile as the husband of Queen Joanna, who was also heiress-presumptive to the Crown of Aragon. He was the first Habsburg monarch in Spain. He never inherited his father's territories or became Holy Roman Emperor because he predeceased his father, but his son Emperor Charles V eventually united the Habsburg, Burgundian, Castilian, and Aragonese inheritances.

The future King Henry VIII of England met Philip the Handsome on a visit Philip made to Henry's father's court in London and regarded him as providing a model of leadership towards which he aspired. The two would become brothers-in-law since Philip married Joanna of Castile, and Henry married Joanna's youngest sister, Catherine of Aragon.

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