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1776, Brandenburg-Prussia. "Catholic Jubilee Year" Medal by Christian Reich. VF-

Mint Year: 1776 Reference: Wilm. 1284. Denomination: Medal - Catholic Jubilee Year of 1776 Condition: Some deposits and dull details due to two centuries handling (possibly used as a touch piece), otherwise VF! Material: White metal with a copper plug (as made) Weight: 13.68gm Diameter: 34mm

Obverse: Togate figure of Jesus Christ entrusting the keys to heavan to kneeled Saint Peter. Biblical reference in exergue. Legend: WAS DU AUF ERDEN LÖSEST, SOL AUCH IM HIMEL LOS SEIN ("What you solve on earth, shalt be loose  in heaven too."). Reverse: Illuminated dove (allegoric for the Holy Ghost) above cross-topped temple with open  door. Legend: IHR SOLLT DAS JUBEL=JAHR HEILIGEN 1776 ("You shalt bless the Holy Year.")

One of Charles Alexander's enterprises earned income from hiring   auxiliary troops to George III of Great Britain   for the Colonies in America. He had nominal command over the "Frankish   Army" of 1,644 mercenaries, of whom apparently only 1,183 returned to   their homeland in 1783.

Authenticity Unconditionally guaranteed.

In the Catholic Church, a jubilee is a special year of remission of sins and universal pardon. In Leviticus, a jubilee year (Hebrew: יובלyūḇāl) is mentioned to occur every 50th year, during which slaves and prisoners would be freed, debts would be forgiven and the mercies of God would be particularly manifest.

In Western Christianity, the tradition dates to 1300, when Pope Boniface VIII convoked a holy year, following which ordinary jubilees have generally been celebrated every 25 or 50 years, with extraordinary jubilees in addition depending on need. Catholic jubilees, particularly in the Latin Church, generally involve pilgrimage to a sacred site, normally the city of Rome. The Catholic Church declared the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy for 2015–2016.

te at Speen near Newbury in Berkshire.   On 5 January 1806, aged 69, Charles Alexander died after a short   illness caused by lung disease. Today, a memorial in St Mary's Church in Speen, simply records "In Memory of the Margrave of   Anspach, who died at Benham 5th January 1806".

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