5 Rupee Sri Lanka/Ceylon

Sri Lanka/Ceylon             
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Five Rupees

Sri Lanka

Obverse : The official 50th anniversary logo of the UNO, at the centre with the period `1945-1995' above it. `UNITED NATIONS' `ANNIVERSARY' in Sinhala appear on the apex and the bottom centre, and in Tamil and English languages along each side along the periphery.

Reverse : Large numeral `5' at the centre with `FIVE RUPEES' in Sinhala, Tamil and English superimposed. `Sri Lanka' in Sinhala appear at the apex and Tamil and English on each side. The year of issue `1995' is at the bottom.

A commemorative five rupee nickel-brass coin was issued by Central Bank of Sri Lanka for circulation in 1995 to mark the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations Organisation.

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Denomination Rupees Five Alloy Nickel-Brass Diameter 23.5 mm Thickness 3.0 mm Weight 9.5 gms Shape Round Edge Grained - incused lettering Die-Axis 0° Issue 50,000,000 Proof 5,000 Mint Royal,Wales

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COINS, WORLD COINS FROM THE ÅKE LINDÉN COLLECTION, CEYLON Countermarked Coinage, Silver ⅓ -Rixdollar, on a Madras Presidency ¼-Rupee, undated (AH 1172) (KM 85). Very fine. £50-70

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† Å KE LIND É N COLLECTION, INDIAN, PRINCELY STATES AND INDEPENDENT KINGDOMS Gwalior, Jayaji Roa (AH 1259-1304 / 1843-1886 AD), Bhilsa, Rupee; Jansi, Rupee; Gwalior Fort, Rupee, 1/8-Rupee, uniden ...

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MAURITIUS 1960-1969 1-2-5-10 Cents-1/4 Rupee - 5 Coins Avg. AU-UNC
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