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WORLD COINS. GREECE. Proof Silver 100-Drachmai (2), 1978, commem-orating the 50th Anniversary of the Bank of Greece, and 1988, commemorating the 28th Chess Olympics (KM 121, 152), with Proof 1-Drachma, 2-Drachmai, 5-Drachmai and 10-Drachmai, 1965 (KM 81-84). First two in sealed plastic as issue ...
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    1 Kyat Burma Silver
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CoinWorldTV 1852, Kingdom of Burma, Mindon Min. Silver Pacock Rupee (Kyat) Coin. VF+ Reference: KM-10. Mint Year: 1852 (CS1214) Denomination: Rupee (Kyat) Condition: Minor deposits, n ...
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    2 Drachma Kingdom of Greece (1832-1924) Silver George I of G ...
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1883,GREECE. 2 Drachma, 1883-A. ANACS AU-50.KM-39; Geo-150; Divo-51c. Scarce grade for the date. Dark toning from sitting in an envelope for an extended period of time.
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