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1795, Wurzburg, Georg Karl v. Fechenbach. Silver "Contribution" Thaler Coin. XF-

Mint Year: 1795 Denomination: Thaler Reference: Davenport 2915, KM-455 ($600 in XF!). Rare! Ruler (Prince-Bishop): Georg Karl Ignaz Freiherr von Fachebach zu Laudenbach Condition: Minor deposits, faint we-ight-adjusting marks, scratches and digs, lightly wiped in the past, otherwise XF! Weight: 27.88gm Diameter: 41mm Material: Silver

Obverse: Draped bust of the Prince-Bishop right, wearing a large ornate cross. Legend: GEORG CAROL D G EP WIRC S R I PF FR OR DUX / G

Reverse: Large value in words (*X* EINE FEINE MARK = "1/10th of a fine silver mark.") above date (1795) and mint master´s initials (M-M.). All within wreath: Legend: PRO PATRIA

The Bishopric of Würzburg (German: Würzburg) was a prince-bishopric in the Holy Roman Empire, located in Lower Franconia, around the city of Würzburg, Germany. Würzburg was a diocese from 743. In the 18th century, its bishop was often also Bishop of Bamberg. The last few prince-bishops resided at the Würzburg Residence, which is one of the grandest baroque palaces in Europe. As a consequence of the 1801 Treaty of Lunéville, the Bishopric of Würzburg was secularized in 1803 and annexed by the Elector of Bavaria. In the same year Ferdinand III, former Grand Duke of Tuscany, was compensated with the Electorate of Salzburg. In the 1805 Peace of Pressburg, Ferdinand lost Salzburg to the Austrian Empire, but was compensated with the new Grand Duchy of Würzburg, Bavaria having relinquished the territory in return for the Tyrol. This new state lasted until 1814, when it was once again annexed by Bavaria. The Roman Catholic Diocese of Würzburg was reestablished in 1821 without temporal power.

Georg Karl Ignaz Freiherr von Fechenbach zu Laudenbach (1749–1808) was the last Prince-Bishop of Würzburg, holding office from 1795 until 1803, when the Prince-Bishopric of Würzburg was mediatised to the Electorate of Bavaria. He continued to serve as Bishop of Würzburg, though without temporal power, until his death. He was also Bishop of Bamberg from 1805 until his death.

Georg Karl Ignaz von Fechenbach zu Laudenbach was born in Mainz on February 20, 1749. He was ordained as a priest on February 18, 1779.

On March 12, 1795, the cathedral chapter of Würzburg Cathedral elected him to be the new Prince-Bishop of Würzburg, with Pope Pius VI confirming his appointment on April 1, 1795. He was consecrated as a bishop by Karl Theodor Anton Maria von Dalberg on June 21, 1795. On March 26, 1800, the cathedral chapter of Bamberg Cathedral elected him to be coadjutor bishop of the Prince-Bishopric of Bamberg.

The Treaty of Lunéville of February 9, 1801, decreed the secularization of the German prince-bishoprics. Bamberg was mediatised to the Electorate of Bavaria in 1802. The bishop fought bitterly to maintain his control of the Prince-Bishopric of Würzburg, but on February 25, 1803, the prince-bishopric was mediatised to the Electorate of Bavaria. He remained bishop, but no longer exercised temporal power in Würzburg. On September 15, 1805, the Bishop of Bamberg, Christoph Franz von Buseck, died, and Fechenbach succeeded as Bishop of Bamberg.

He died in Bamberg on April 9, 1808.

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