Howto search coins

Example how coins search can be used.
In case of search 'Russian Empire Nicholas II 1 ruble' it can be done in following way:
'ruble' is typed in search field - a lot of rubles are displayed.
then filter attributes are used to narrow the search result:

"Russian Emprire" is filtered.

"Nikolay II" is filtered.

"1" is filtered.

Few Nicholas II Rubles are displayed:

2021-09-22 - New coin is added to 1 Piastre British Cyprus (1914–1960) Copper/Nickel

    1 Piastre British Cyprus (1914–1960) Copper/Nickel
group has    3 coins / 3 prices

CYPRUS, George V, proof half piastre and one piastre, 1934 (KM.20, 21). Toned, FDC and rare. (2)
2022-09-21 - Live Coin Catalog's improvements / coins uploading

626 coins were uploaded from 2022-09-14 to 2022-09-21
One of them is: