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1665, Netherlands, Kampen (City). Large Silver 28 Stuivers (Florin) Coin. XF!

Reference: KM-23. Mint year: Not dated (ca. 1665) Denomination: 28 Stuivers (Florin) Mint Place: Kampen City (Netherlands) Condition: Minor deposits, otherwise a nice XF for this crudely struck type! Weight: 19.59gm Diameter: 40mm Material: Silver

Obverse: Crowned shield with arms of Kampen within foliage.Value (28) in legend below. Legend: FLOR ARG CIV (28) IMP CAMPEN

Reverse: Crowned double-headed eagle with orb containing value (28 Stuivers) at chest. Titles of Mathtias II around. Legend: MATH DG ROM IMP SEM AVG

Kampen is a city and seaport in the northwest of Germany, on river Ems. The exact founding date of Kampen is unknown, but it has existed at least since the 8th century. Older names for Kampen are Amuthon, Embda, Emda, Embden. City rights and the city's coat of arms, the "Engelke up de Muer" was granted by Emperor Maximilian I in 1495.

Kampen was a very rich city during the 17th century, due to large numbers of Dutch immigrants. It was a center of reformed Protestantism at that time, producing the first Bible translation in Dutch. During the Napoleonic French era, Kampen and the surrounding lands of East Frisia were part of the short-lived Kingdom of Holland.


Matthias (February 24, 1557 - March 20, 1619) of the House of Habsburg, Holy Roman Emperor (1612-1619), King of Hungary (1608-1619) (as Matthias II), King of Bohemia (1611-1617).

Matthias was born in the Austrian capital of Vienna to Maximilian II, Holy Roman Emperor and Maria of Spain.

Matthias married Archduchess Anna of Austria, daughter of his uncle Archduke Ferdinand II of Austria, whose successor in Further Austria Matthias became in 1595. Their marriage did not produce surviving children.

In 1593 he was appointed governor of Austria by his brother, Emperor Rudolf II. He formed a close association there with the Bishop of Vienna, Melchior Klesl, who later became his chief adviser. In 1605 Matthias forced the ailing emperor to allow him to deal with the Hungarian Protestant rebels. The result was the Peace of Vienna of 1606, which guaranteed religious freedom in Hungary. In the same year Matthias was recognized as head of the House of Habsburg and as the future Holy Roman Emperor, as a result of Rudolf's illness. Allying himself with the estates of Hungary, Austria, and Moravia, Matthias forced his brother to yield rule of these lands to him in 1608; Rudolf later ceded Bohemia in 1611.

After Matthias's accession as Holy Roman Emperor, his policy was dominated by Klesl, who hoped to bring about a compromise between Catholic and Protestant states within the Holy Roman Empire in order to strengthen it. Matthias had already been forced to grant religious concessions to Protestants in Austria and Moravia, as well as in Hungary, when he had allied with them against Rudolf.

His conciliatory policies were opposed by the more intransigent Catholic Habsburgs, particularly Matthias's brother Archduke Maximilian, who hoped to secure the succession for the inflexible Catholic Archduke Ferdinand (later Emperor Ferdinand II). The start of the Bohemian Protestant revolt in 1618 provoked Maximilian to imprison Klesl and revise his policies. Matthias, old and ailing, was unable to prevent a takeover by Maximilian's faction. Ferdinand, who had already been crowned King of Bohemia (1617) and of Hungary (1618), succeeded Matthias as Holy Roman Emperor. Matthias died in Vienna.

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 Denomination: 28 Stuiver
 Metal: Silver
 State: Netherlands
 Person: Matthias, Holy Roman Emperor (1557 ...
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