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1917/1920, Tunisia (French Protectorate). Cu 10 Centimes + Cu-Ni 5 & 25 Centimes. 3pcs!

Mint Years: 1917 / 1920 / 1920  State: Tunisia (as French Protectorate).  Condition: XF / XF (deposits!) / XF-AU (deposits!) Denomination: 10 Centimes / 5 Centimes / 25 Centimes References: KM-236 / KM-245 ($40 in XF!)/ KM-244. Material: Copper / Nickel-Bronze / Nickel-Bronze Weight: 9.96gm / 1.96gm /  4.92gm Diametrer: 30mm / 17mm / 24mm

Muhammad V an-Nasir, GCMG (1855–1922) (Arabic: محمد الناصر بن محمد باي‎, Muḥammad al-Nāṣir bin Muḥammad Bāy) was the ruler of Tunisia between 11 May 1906 and 10 July 1922.

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