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1880-1940, France.  Silver Christian Marriage Medal by A.J. Pingret. PCGS SP-64!

Reference: Terisse 715. Mint Period: 1880-1940 Medallist: Arnould-Joseph Pingret Denomination: Civil Marriage Medal  - Christian Type Condition: Minor deposits and scattered contact-marks, othewrise XF-AU! Diameter: 30mm Material: Silver Weight: 12gm

Obverse: Togate male figure taking the hand of a veiled female figure with his right hand and touching cross-topped altar with the right. The altar has a figure of the Virgin Mary inside arched building. Legend: MARIAGE CHRISTIEN ("christian marriage") Exergue: PINGRET

Reverse: Blank (uninscribed) central field (here the names or initials and date of the marriage could engraved) within wreath.

A civil marriage is a marriage performed, recorded and recognised by a government official. Such a marriage may be performed by a religious body and recognised by the state, or it may be entirely secular.

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