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1826-R, Brazil, John VI. Large Silver 960 Reis. Struck on 8 Reales Host Coin!

Mint Year: 1826 Reference:  KM-307.1. Mint Place: Rio de Janeiro (R) Denomination: 960 Reis (Struck on a Spanish colonial 8 Reales  coin!) Condition: Bag-marks in fields, die-clashes and traces of the host coin evident in fields, otherwise XF! Weight: 26.64gm Diameter: 40mm Material: Silver

Obverse: Large value numeral (960), surrounded by eight rosettes. All within wreath. Legend: PETRUS ... ET PERP . BRAS . DEF * 1826  . R *

Reverse: Crowned coat-of-arms of Brazil within wreath. Legend: + IN + HOC + SIGN... Expanded: SUBQ(uo) SIGN(o) NATA STAB" (it) Tranlsated: "For this sign you shall stand"

Pedro I (English: Peter of Alcantara Francis Anthony John Charles Xavier of Paula Michael Raphael Joaquim Joseph Gonzaga Pascal Cyprian Seraphim of Braganza and Bourbon) (full name: Pedro de Alcântara Francisco Antônio João Carlos Xavier de Paula Miguel Rafael Joaquim José Gonzaga Pascoal Cipriano Serafim de Bragança e Bourbon), known as "Dom Pedro Primeiro" (October 12, 1798 – September 24, 1834), proclaimed Brazil independent from Portugal and became Brazil's first Emperor. He also held the Portuguese throne briefly as Pedro IV of Portugal, the Soldier-King (Port. o Rei-Soldado), 28th (or 29th according to some historians) king of Portugal and the Algarves. He was also a Freemason.

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