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1582-1608, France, Lorraine, Charles III (Duke). Silver Teston (1/3 Taler) Coin. aXF!

Mint Place: Nancy Condition: About XF! Mint Period: 1582-1608 Denomination: Teston (1/3 Thaler)  References: Flon p 656/133, KM-MB#26 (listed under german states!). R! Diameter: 28mm Weight: 8.96gm Material: Silver

Obverse: Armored bust of Charles III of Lorraine right. Legend: + CAROL . D . G . CAL . LOTH . B . GEL . DVX .   Reverse: Crowned coat-of-arms within inner circle. Legend:  ++ MONETA . NOVA (upside down G) NANCEII . CVSA

The Duchy of Lorraine, originally Upper Lorraine, was a duchy now included in the larger present-day region of Lorraine in northeastern France. Its capital was Nancy. It was founded in 959 following the division of Lotharingia into two separate duchies: Upper and Lower Lorraine, the westernmost parts of the Holy Roman Empire. The Lower duchy was quickly dismantled, while Upper Lorraine came to be known as simply the Duchy of Lorraine. The Duchy of Lorraine was coveted and briefly occupied by the dukes of Burgundy and the kings of France. In 1737, the duchy was given to Stanisław Leszczyński, the former king of Poland, who had lost his throne as a result of the War of the Polish Succession, with the understanding that it would fall to the French crown on his death. When Stanisław died on 23 February 1766, Lorraine was annexed by France and reorganized as a province.


Charles III (18 February 1543 – May 14, 1608), known as the Great, was Duke of Lorraine from 1545 until his death.

He was the eldest surviving son of Francis I, Duke of Lorraine, and Christina of Denmark. His mother served as the regent during his minority.

During his childhood, his aged great-grandmother, Philippa of Gelderland, died in 1547, leaving her inheritance to the young Charles.

He is sometimes numbered as Charles II of Lorraine.

His dynasty claimed the Kingdom of Jerusalem and used also the title of Duke of Calabria as symbol of their claims to the Kingdom of Naples. Additionally, they had a claim to the Duchy of Gelderland, inherited from Charles of Egmont, Duke of Gelderland.     

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