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1818, Germany. Silvered Brass "Year Without a Summer/Famine 1816/1817" Medal. R!

Mint Year: 1818 Mint Place: Nurnberg (Germany) Medallist: Stettner (medallist for Loos)  Reference: Brettauer 1995. Very rare this nice! Denomination: Medal (also known as "Hungertaler" = "Hunger Coin") - The Year Without a Summer, Famine of 1816/1817 in Germany. Condition: A stunning proof-like specimen with hairlines evident on otherwise proof-like surfeces of the stunningly preserved almost UNCirculated medal! Material: Brass (silver plated) Weight: 11.75gm Diameter: 33mm

Obverse: A mother seated on bed, holding an infant to which she looks ignoring her elder child, which is talking to her. Medallist´s signature (Stettner) hidden at 7 o'clock in details.. Legend: O GIEB MIR BROD MICH HUNGERT. ("Please give me bread, I am hungry.") Exergue: IETTON ("Jetton" - This marking the round as a medal in order to prevent it from being passed as an official coin.)   Reverse: Scales hangin from clouds are weighting a weight against a bag of grain. Anchor on a bundle of ears below. Measures (1.3.L ="1.3 liter of milk?"), 1 MAAS BIER = "1 liter of beer") and prices (8.½:KR: = "8½ Kreuzer", 12.KR. = "12 Kreuzer") in fields. Legend: VERZAGET NICHT - GOTT LEBET NOCH ("Do not give up yet, god is still here.") Exergue: 1816 . U . 1817 / L ("Loos", signature of the maker)

A famine is a widespread scarcity of food, caused by several factors including war, inflation, crop failure, population imbalance, or government policies. This phenomenon is usually accompanied or followed by regional malnutrition, starvation, epidemic, and increased mortality. Every inhabited continent in the world has experienced a period of famine throughout history. In the 19th and 20th century, it was generally Southeast and South Asia, as well as Eastern and Central Europe that suffered the most deaths from famine. The numbers dying from famine began to fall sharply from the 2000s.

The year 1816 is known as the Year Without a Summer (also the Poverty Year and Eighteen Hundred and Froze To Death) because of severe climate abnormalities that caused average global temperatures to decrease by 0.4–0.7 °C (0.72–1.26 °F). This resulted in major food shortages across the Northern Hemisphere.

Evidence suggests that the anomaly was predominantly a volcanic winter event caused by the massive 1815 eruption of Mount Tambora in April in the Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia). This eruption was the largest eruption in at least 1,300 years (after the hypothesized eruption causing the extreme weather events of 535–536), and perhaps exacerbated by the 1814 eruption of Mayon in the Philippines.

Low temperatures and heavy rains resulted in failed harvests in Britain and Ireland. Families in Wales traveled long distances begging for food. Famine was prevalent in north and southwest Ireland, following the failure of wheat, oat, and potato harvests. In Germany, the crisis was severe; food prices rose sharply. With the cause of the problems unknown, people demonstrated in front of grain markets and bakeries, and later riots, arson, and looting took place in many European cities. It was the worst famine of 19th-century mainland Europe.

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