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1837, South Peru (Republic).  Nice Silver 2 Reales Coin. (F-VF) Cuzco mint!

Mint Year: 1837  Mint Place: Cuzco Reference: KM-169.1. Denomination: 2 Reales Condition: Two digs on sun design in obverse, F-VF / F! Diameter: 27mm Weight: 6.16gm Material: Silver

The Republic of South Peru was one of the three constituent Republics of the short-lived Peru-Bolivian Confederation of 1836–39.

South Peru was formed from the division of the Republic of Peru into the Republic of North Peru and the Republic of South Peru. These two Republics were founded in 1836 to be (with the Republic of Bolivia) constituent Republics of the Peru-Bolivian Confederation.

The Confederation came to an end three years later after being defeated by Chile in the War of the Confederation. In August 1839, Agustín Gamarra declared the Confederation dissolved; as a result, South Peru and North Peru reverted to being the single Republic of Peru.

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