1/2 Real
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1555 - 1598

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Mint Year: 1555-1598 (not dated)Mint Place: Holland (Netherlands)Ruler: Philip II (Felipe II) of Spain. Denomination: ½ Real d`Or (Half Gold Real)Reference: Friedberg 68 ($600 in VF / $1000 in XF), Delmonte 135 (R4!). Diameter: 23mm Weight: 3.44gmMaterial: Gold!Obverse: Bare, draped and armored bust of Philip II of Spain right. Privy mark (hand) below.Legend: DOMINVS • MIHI • ADIVTOR • (privy ...


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Posted by: anonymous  2014-12-23
CoinWorldTV 1598, Spanish Netherlands, Gelderland, Philip II. Rare ½ Real d'Or Gold Coin. 3.47gm! Condition: A nice VF-XF! Mint Year: 1555-1598 (not dated) Ruler: Philip II (Felipe II) of Spain. Mint Place: Nijmegen (privy mark: cross) Denomination: ½ Real d`Or (Half ...
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    1 Liard Belgium Copper
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Haus Habsburg, Belgischer Aufstand Liard 1790. Herinek 8, K.M. 44. Zaponiert, vorzüglich
2021-05-11 - New coin is added to 1/2 Rupee Mauritius Silver George V of the United Kingdom (1 ...

    1/2 Rupee Mauritius Silver George V of the United Kingdom (1 ...
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CoinWorldTV 1934, Mauritius (Crown Colony), George V. Scarce Silver Half Rupee Coin. XF-AU! Mint Year: 1934 References: KM-16. Denomination: ½ Rupee Mint Place: Heaton´s mint, Birmingham ...
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