Price: $19.0
Sold: 2021-12-21
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Price: $76.0
Sold: 2021-12-01
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1 Thaler Alsace Silver Ferdinand II, Archduke of Austria (1529 – 1595)
2020-12-26  spa1
1 Thaler Alsace Silver Ferdinand II ...
12 coins / 11 prices
1 Sent Estonia (Republic) Bronze
2021-04-12  dpa1
1 Sent Estonia (Republic) Bronze
2 coins / 2 prices
The Peace Dollar is a silver United States dollar coin minted from 1921 to 1928, then again in 1934 and 1935. Early proposals for the coin called for a commemorative issue to coincide with the end of World War I, but the Peace Dollar was issued as a circulating coin. Designed by Anthony de Fran ...
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2022-01-19 - Live Coin Catalog's improvements / coins grouping

12 coins were grouped from 2022-01-12 to 2022-01-19
One of them is:

    20 Dollar USA (1776 - ) Gold
group has    305 coins / 272 prices

1888-S. PCGS graded MS-61. Frosty and untoned (PCGS # 9009) . Estimated Value $1,300 - 1,350. ...