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1916, Tunisia (French Protectorate), Muhammad V. Silver 50 Centimes Coin. XF-AU!

Mint Place: Paris (A) References: KM-237. Denomination: 50 Centimes State: Tunisia (as French Protectorate). Condition: Small edge-hit at 8:30 o'clock, otherwise XF-AU! Mint Years: 1916 (AH 1334) Material: Silver (.835) Diameter: 18mm Weight: 2.5gm

Obverse: Legend (TUNISIE) above value numeral (50) below denomination (CENTIMES), date (1916) and mint initial (A), flanked by privy marks. Legend: TUNISIE 50 CENTIMES /  1916 / (cornucopia) A (torch)

Reverse: Arabic legends in four lines including denomination, name of the ruler and Islamic date (AH 1334). Palm and olive branches at sides.

Muhammad V an-Nasir, GCMG (1855–1922) (Arabic: محمد الناصر بن محمد باي‎, Muḥammad al-Nāṣir bin Muḥammad Bāy) was the ruler of Tunisia between 11 May 1906 and 10 July 1922.

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