Coin grouping contest

Idea is to group similar coins from different sources to the groups.
Here are some coins groups examples:

1 Ruble Russian Empire (1720-1917) Silve ...
211 coins / 174 prices

1 Tetradrachm Ancient Greece (1100BC-330 ...
188 coins / 161 prices

1 Grosh Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth ( ...
20 coins / 13 prices

A lot of coins for the grouping can be found here. Get a coin you like and group it. If group is not found for the coin - create new one.
Please, watch the video to see how to group coins

Contest runs for every 2 weeks.
Get  some coins you like from here and group them. 
Wins someone who grouped the most amount of coins.

1st place - $40
2nd place - $20
3rd place - $10

Prizes / money are sent to winners using Western Union  in 3 days after contest completion.

More questions about contest? Let's discuss in our group

Active contest: 2017-09-01 - 2017-09-14
Time left:
Contest's participants: 3

Sergey Pavlikovskiy

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