Price: 12345.0  EUR
Issuer Electorate of Bavaria (German states) Prince elector Maximilian I (1623-1651)Type Standa ...

Price: 375500.0  USD
MS 65, 90% Silver 10% Copper, weight 27.0 grams.Diameter 40.0 mm HA 9/99 BM 1/05

Price: 2500.0  USD
The Prospero Collection of Ancient Greek Coins. PAPHLAGONIA. Amastris (c.285-250 B.C.), Silver ...

Details about 1770, Mexico, Charles III. Large Silver 8 Reales Coin. Pillar Dollar! NGC AU+

Price: 140.0  $
1975 ItalyNoah's Sacrifice by Guerrino Mattia MonassiHeavy Silver

Details about 1889, Japan, Meiji Period. Beautiful Large Silver 1 Yen Coin Coin. XF-AU!

Details about 1655, Kindom of Denmark, Frederik III. Large Silver 4 Mark (Krone) Coin. XF!

Details about 1704, Kingdom of Denmark, Frederick IV. Beautiful Silver 8 Skilling Coin. XF-AU!

Details about 1808, Schleswig-Holstein, Christian VII of Denmark. Silver Daler Specie Coin. R!

Details about 1838, Denmark, Frederick VI. Scarce Silver Rigsbankdaler (½ Speciedaler) Coin.

Details about 1906, Denmark, Christian IX/Frederick VIII. Silver 2 Kroner Coin. Wiped XF-AU!

Details about 1654, Genoa (Republic). Large Silver 1/2 Scudo Stretto Cob Coin. (17.58gm) VG-F!

Details about 1665, Dombes, Anne Marie Louise d´Orléans. Silver Luigino (5 Sols) Coin. aXF!

Details about 1666, Tuscany, Fosdinovo (Commune). Silver Luigino (5 Sols) Coin. Corroded Fine!

Details about 1902, Japan, Meiji. Silver "25th Anniversary of the Red Cross Society" Medal. R!