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1758, Russia, Empress Elizabeth I.  Large Copper 5 Kopeks Coin. Fine!

Mint Year: 1758 Reference: KM-9.2. Denomination: 5 Kopeks Condition: A well-circulated Fine with some corrosion scars! Mint Place: Ekaterinburg / Moscow / St. Petersburg  (no mint initials!) Material: Copper Weight: 48.78gm Diameter: 41mm

Reverse: Large crown above crowned double-headed Russian eagle holding imperial scepter and orb. Value ("Five Kopeks") inside banner below.

Reverse: Monogram of Elizabeth I of Russia, splitting date (17-58). All within wreath, crown above.

Elizaveta Petrovna  (December 29, 1709 – January 5, 1762 (New Style); December 18, 1709 – December 25, 1761 (Old Style)), also known as Yelisavet and Elizabeth, was an Empress of Russia (1741–1762) who took the country into the War of Austrian Succession (1740–1748) and the Seven Years' War (1756 – 1763). On the eve of her death in 1762, the Russian empire spanned almost 4 billion acres.

Her domestic policies allowed the nobles to gain dominance in local government while shortening their terms of service to the state. She encouraged Lomonosov's establishment of the University of Moscow and Shuvalov's foundation of the Academy of Fine Arts in Saint Petersburg. She also spent exorbitant sums of money on the grandiose baroque projects of her favourite architect, Bartolomeo Rastrelli, particularly in Peterhof and Tsarskoye Selo. The Winter Palace and the Smolny Cathedral remain the chief monuments of her reign in Saint Petersburg. Generally, she was one of the best loved Russian monarchs, because she did not allow Germans in the government and not one person was executed during her reign.

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