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1750, Mexico, Ferdinand VI. Colonial Silver 8 Reales Spanish Pillar Dollar Coin!

Mint Year: 1750 Mint Mark: Mexico (Mo) References: 1752-MoMF, KM-104.1. R! Denomination: 8 Reales ("Pillar Dollar")   Condition: Evironmental damage (dark oxidation deposits, light roughness of surface), crudely struck, with some irregularities near edge, otehrwise about XF! Weight: 26.91gm Diameter: 39mm Material: Silver

Obverse: Shield of Arms of Castile and León, flanked by rosettes. Latin Legend: * FERDND . VI . D . G . HISPAN . ET IND . R * / .MF* / *8* Expanded: FERDINAND VI DEI GRATIA ET INDIARUM REX Translation: "Ferdinand VI by the Grace of God, King of the Spains and the Indies"

Reverse: Two orbs with a crown above (representing the Old and the World). The orbs are over the Straits of Gibraltar, flanked by two crowned pillars, representing the Pillars of Hercules, with PLUS VLTRA ("Further Beyond") on banners wrapped around the columns, date below. Latin Legend: VTRA QUE VNUM / * Mo * 1750 * Mo * Translation: "On both sides - Unity"


Ferdinand VI, (23 September 1713 - 10 August 1759), King of Spain from 9 July 1746 until his death. He was the fourth son of the previous monarch Philip V and his first wife Maria Luisa of Savoy. Ferdinand, the second member of the Spanish Bourbon dynasty, was born in Madrid on 23 September 1713.

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 Denomination: 8 Real
 Metal: Silver
 State: Spanish Mexico / Kingdom of New Sp ...
 Person: Ferdinand VI of Spain (1713-1759)
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