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1582, Spanish Netherlands, Brabant.  Copper "Wishes for Concord"  Medal / Jetton.

Condition: VF Mint Year: 1582 Mint Place: Antwerp   Reference: Dugniolle 2893. Denomination: Medal / Jetton - Wishes for Concord in the States of Brabant. Material: Copper Diameter: 28mm Weight: 4.34gm

Obverse: The shield of Brabant surmounted by two helmets, resting on jousting spears. Initials (B-B) for "Brabant" at sides. Legend: CONCORDIA . RES . PARVAE . CRESCVNT . (privy mark: hand) . Reverse: Cruciform shields of Louvrain, Brussels, 's-Hertogenbosch and Anwerp around lion of Brabant. Four letters "F" in quarters. Legend: DISCORDIA . MAXIME . DILABVNTVR . 1582 .

The Duchy of Brabant was a State of the Holy Roman Empire established in 1183. It developed from the Landgraviate of Brabant and formed the heart of the historic Low Countries, part of the Burgundian Netherlands from 1430 and of the Habsburg Netherlands from 1482, until it was partitioned after the Dutch revolt.

Present-day North Brabant (Staats-Brabant) was ceded to the Generality Lands of the Dutch Republic according to the 1648 Peace of Westphalia, while the reduced duchy remained part of the Southern Netherlands until it was conquered by French Revolutionary forces in 1794. Today all the duchy's former territories, apart from exclaves, are in Belgium except for the Dutch province of North Brabant.

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